Signing up on Member Planet

Each year the Atlanta Bonsai Society organizes a few paid workshops and events. To facilitate easily coordinating signups and payment processing for these events we use a service called Member Planet. Member Planet handles the signup limits, fee collection and allows us to easily send messages to attendees. To use the service and get signed up for an event there are just a few steps.

Visit the Signup Link Provided in Each Event

The image below shows the initial signup page. There are four critical areas on this page. First, the signup buttons at the top. Click one of those to indicate whether you will be attending or not. Go ahead and let us know if you won’t. We love to know how many people saw an event even if they don’t attend. The second section is the description. It includes a link back to here and the basics on the event. The third elements is the ticket types and price. The fourth element is the login link at the top right.

ABS Workshops are $60.00 for members and $100 for new members with the membership included in that price. You will need to login with a current membership to receive the discounted price on the next page.

Existing Members

Use the login button at the top of the page. Then click the “Current Member” ticket.

New Members

New members have two options. You can visit the main Memberplanet ABS site and complete the “Join our Group” steps, then return to the event and follow the existing members flow or you can simply click the “New Member” ticket and we’ll work out the membership at the event. The best option is to signup on the site and then return to following the existing member flow. 

Completing the Registration

Regardless of which flow you followed previously the next step will ask you to choose your ticket type. Do so, then click the “Continue” button. If you’ve logged in with a member account then both ticket types adjust in price.  If you are completing without being a member then the ticket price will reflect that as well. Choose either, fill out the form and click “Continue’.

Finalizing Payment

The last step is finalizing payment. Completing this step will finish up your registration.

You are now signed up! Enjoy!

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