Be on the look out


Early Borer sightings

If you see anything like this picture (little saw dust tubes) on your trees; you have borers.  They can be deadly if left untreated.  They can do great damage in a couple of days.

One effective treatment is Bonide 941 systemic insect spray concentrate.  A systemic spray is your best bet since the little beasties are inside the tree and protected by bark.  Check with Mark Kirkpatrick or Mike Tsurutis for additional information. 

Mike Redgrave

We are sad to learn that Mike Redgrave passed away Monday October 9 after a battle with cancer. Mike was the man behind Full Moon Bonsai in Marrietta and long time member of our club.

Additional information available here

The Carolina Bonsai Expo 

The show is October 14 & 15.  Several members will attend and some will show trees in this large regional event. It should be another fun year in Asheville.

There are workshops, vendors and lots of other bonsai related activities.

This is a wonderful collection with a rotating list of specimens.  I urge you to visit and see it some time.

Atlanta Koi Show and Bonsai Exhibition 

We had a great showing with our friends at the Koi Club.  We had a nice area for the exhibition plus three sales tables and an information table.  We gave out lots of cards, information, and made new friends.  

We had over a dozen specimen trees and several suiseki stones.  Many volunteers worked the show and spread the word on things bonsai. Thanks to Jack Evans, Glenn Till, Curt Howard, Dennis McHugh and Brownlee Currey.

Special thanks to our hosts from the Atlanta Koi Club.  It was a wonderful show.  We had a great time and will be back next year.


Pot Donation

The club received a large (200+) donation of bonsai pots. Most unglazed, sizes range from 1 to 30 inches.  They will be sold with the proceeds going to the club.  We sold some of these at the AKC (Koi not dogs) show.  More will be sold at club events next year.  Some will be held out for use in club training.

Special thanks to Ben Hymes for the donation

What do you think of our new club web site?  Take a tour.  It has many new features.  Give it a try on your phone.  Please let the webmaster know of any content we should add or issues you see. He is also looking for a volunteer to update / improve Ted’s bonsai calendar for future use.

New features and content are coming; so check back frequently.