Club Auction (Fund raiser)

Saturday August 17, 2019

11 AM


Bring your items to the Ormewood Presbyterian Park Fellowship Hall

We ask that you not bring any Boxwoods to the auction.  This avoids the risk of spreading boxwood blight. 

Please bring trees, prebonsai, garden plants, tools, supplies, books, art or any other item of interest for donation – your club needs your support.

  • Room set up will begin at 10:30 am
  • Have your items at the event starting at 11AM to give us time to tag them for the auctioneer, and so the buyers have time to preview the items for sale.


Auction starts at noon Saturday

The Atlanta Bonsai Society has an auction around August every year.  This is a fund raiser for the club.  The proceeds are used for regular club expenses such as our frequent guest artists.  
We have about six guest artists each year that do workshops for club members and critique material at club meetings.  Airfare and other expenses are only part of the overhead for the many benefits provided by membership in the Atlanta Bonsai Society.

Take a chance,  find buried treasure in raw stock, or find a new finished bonsai for your collection.  Anything can show up in the auction.  There will be tools, pots and trees of all types.

The ABS Bonsai Auction is your best opportunity to purchase excellent materials and supplies for your collection, and benefit your club at the same time. 

• Beginners, come and get a deal on some great pre-bonsai to work with. 

• Collectors, you can donate some of the trees you have neglected, and upgrade your collection with some new ones.

• Members, this is a great event to bring a friend and introduce them to bonsai.

  Everyone come, bring money, and have fun!  Plenty of Free parking!

Auction rules

We welcome donated items that will be auctioned off with full proceeds going to the club.

Standard Auction Items

Standard auction commission for items is 10% which goes to the club.  Minimum lot size for items to be auctioned is $100.  This means that a single item or group of items will have a starting bid of $100.

Donated Auction Items

Items donated to the club for auction have a minimum lot size of $10.  This means that a single item or group of items will have a starting bid of $10.


Payment for items is due at the end of the auction.  Payment may be by cash, Paypal or check.  

Payment to sellers will be available at the end of the auction.  Payment minus commission will be by club check or paypal.

There is plenty of free parking at Ormewood Park Presbyterian Church.  Come by and see us!