Since 1963, the Atlanta Bonsai Society has promoted the art of bonsai in north Georgia.  We provide programs for beginners, novices and experienced enthusiasts.  Our club meets monthly at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (ABG) and other bonsai related sites in the Atlanta area.  

This year’s calendar includes events at the ABG, Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Plant City in Clermont, the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, and Smith-Gilbert Gardens.  We travel to engage others that share our interest in bonsai and related art forms.

Annual Club events

Each year the society has a spring show and exhibit.  It includes demonstrations, workshops, vendors, and the judging of specimen trees.

We also have a club auction in late summer.  This acts as a club fundraiser. Any item related to bonsai may appear in the auction.  We have had items ranging from Masakuni tools to lunar glow cherries.  Come and join the fun, find a bargain and help our club. 

That Atlanta Bonsai Society partners with the Atlanta Koi Club in the fall to provide a bonsai exhibition at the Koi Club show.  We do demos, sell bonsai materials and exhibit specimen trees. Koi and bonsai are a natural combination of Japanese art.  

Bonsai Workshops

We offer novice workshops led by club members and advanced workshops led by guest artists.  Since bonsai have needs based on the calendar our workshops are periodic.

Depending on artist demand, we may have more than one workshop session per weekend, so check the events page for times as the monthly meeting approaches. Please remain flexible with whether you can take morning or afternoon workshop. The cost of each workshop session is currently $60 for at least 3 hours, unless we are including tree or other materials, which may be extra. The club will provide wire to use at workshops and meetings; everything else you may need should be brought by workshop participant, including tree and tools.

Recent Guest Artists  

  • Rodney Clemons
  • Tyler Sherrod
  • Kathy Shaner
  • Adam Lavigne
  • Adam Jones

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Upcoming Events


ABS Holiday Party @ Ostrowski Residence
Dec 14 @ 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Join us for the ABS Holiday Party and enjoy a social event with your fellow ABS members! Salad, main course and drinks will be provided by the club. Please bring an appetizer or a dessert to round things out!

The event is member only but we are easy to join at any time!

We are using a new system for tracking membership in the Atlanta Bonsai Society as well as event RSVPs.

Please RSVP here.

Everyone should be in the system with their proper membership status. Please use the RSVP system so we have an idea of attendance. If you encounter any issues contact Carrie at or Stephen at and we’ll help work things out.

Note: No Ping Pong Hustlers!

Three Things Every Bonsai Needs

  1. Water every day.  If it’s an outdoor bonsai and it rained that counts. If it’s an outdoor bonsai in the winter with mulch; it might count.  When in doubt water them.  (Your soil should be set up to drain well and it will protect from root rot.)
  2. The right amount of light.
    Different varieties require different amounts of light.  You should also rotate your bonsai weekly to balance the light it gets per side.
  3.  No critters.  Watch for spider mites, powdery mildew and caterpillars.  Treat as found.

More Bonsai Care

Spider Mite Test

Place a white piece of printer paper under a tree branch and tap it.  If you see tiny (get your glasses) spots moving around on the paper after the taps; get the miticide. 

More Bonsai Care

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